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Arunachal Pradesh Trekking

Hi Micah,very useful information! and great fotografie – congratulation!With my girlfriend I am planning trekking in Arunachal Pradesh maybe – do you know if, beyond the $100 permit for a month, we have to get any other permit? I want to avoid taking a guide, as I am an experienced mountaineer myself, also no porters – compared to sikkim where you HAVE to take a guide – here you don’t, isn’t it?can you recommend where to get good maps? military…etccan you recommend places/ areas or particular treks (I am not the type who sticks to described “treks” – rather have an appropriate map and navigate with it where I want to go..

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I’ve thought Arunachal has a

I’ve thought Arunachal has a lot of untapped potential for trekking. And if I get back there I’d like to do some trekking. As far as I know you do not need any additional permits but you will need the places you intend to trek listed on your permit, list as much as possible since it cost nothing extra and once the permit is issued its very difficult to add places (short of photoshop anyway). When I was in Menchuka a local told me about trekking a trekking route over the the mountains to the next valley which did not have a road to it yet sounded like a very untouched place. Sounded very interesting. Unfortunately maps will likely be a problem, as they are in all of the Indian Himalaya. India hasn’t realized that since the advent of satellites guarding decent maps like they are national treasures is pretty pointless. If you want to go a specific place you might have to resort to trying to enlist the help of a local as a guide but not necessary going through an agency. The Tawang area is also crossed with trails so that might be an easier place to trek and there are some established routes there though I can’t remember them off hand.good luck,Micah

Micah (Indie Trekking & Travel)

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