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Food in zanskar

Hello,I have heard many people saying that it is not possible to buy food in the villages along the lamayuru to darcha trek.Since I want to do the trek with two of my friends individually I can not carry enough food for 20 days. Can anyone tell me if it is indeed impossible to buy food? (I can hardly believe it since there are permanent villages that have to eat something right?) Thanks for the advice.

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Those that say its not

Those that say its not possible have not tried, though the selection is not great. There are small stores is many of the villages the ones that I know for sure are Lingshed (a store run by the monastery there), Zangla, Padum of course there are many shops and markets as its a town more than a village, and some of the most well stocked stores are in Purne. There are also several tea tents along the way that sell instant noodle soup, biscuits, drinks, and in the evenings dal and rice, these are often at the usual camp sites for trekking groups.  It is also possible to stay in homes in villages along the way in which case the negotiated fee also includes dinner and breakfast.  When I did it I took food for snacks and lunches along the way but relied on homestays and tea tents for main meals.

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Great thank you!I could

Great thank you!I could hardly imagine that they would refuse to sell me food. Tough I was not willing to risk it without someone who has done it telling me that it is possible.I think I will have a great trek this summer. Just hoping that the new Padum to Lamayuru road will not effect my trek to much...

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