Base City: 


Starting Point: 


Ending Point: 


Average Duration: 

2 to 8 days

Route Finding: 


Equipment Required: 

food for the duration of the trek


Guide required

Trek Overview

A German NGO set up a network of trekking huts around Dodala which make this one of the easiest cheapest places to trek in Ethiopia.  A guide is required who will contact the caretakers of the trekking huts.  The huts have clean water, cooking supplies, bathrooms, bunk beds, and blankets, but trekkers are expected to bring and cook there own food.  There is also the option of hiring horses and going by horseback.  I personally preferred to walk rather than ride a horse.  The horses don't move much faster than walking speed are more restricted in the routes they can go.  If you have visions of galloping across the Ethiopian landscape you'll be very disappointed.  Think pony rides at a county fair.  The scenery is nice, but this area of the Bale mountains is not particularly good for wildlife viewing and you will be unlikely to see anything more than a few monkeys.  So if you are interested in seeing wildlife you're better off going to Dinsho and hiking into the Bale National Park from there. If you don't have any camping gear and want to do a little trekking and learn a bit about the local culture this is a good option, and for a very reasonable price.

Do It Yourself Information

There are 5 trekking huts most of which can be reached in a day from the road so its possible to trek for as long or as little as you like.  I opted for two nights 3 days spending a night at Wahoro and Angafu.  I felt that was plenty to get a feel for the region.  The setting and view from Angafu is the better of the two huts, and the views along the trail from Wahoro to Angafu are nice.  The huts cost $4.50 a night and fees are paid directly to the caretakers.  Guides cost $11.50 per day.  If you want horses then they will cost $3 per horse you also pay for the guides horse and a horse handler which will be an additional $3.  As I stated earlier I think its far more enjoyable to walk.  If you do want to give horses a shot you take them on a day to day basis, if you decide you don't want horses the next day you don't have to take them.  If you think you want this option you would have to pack so that you are capable of carrying all of your gear alternatively you could hire a pack horse or horses only.

Other Treks in the Region

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